Outdoor Leadership

Outdoor leadership is my second exploration that I have got this year. For the first week we have learn a lot about a question that is “What does nature mean to you?” and that question lead me to think of a lot of things. When I think about nature most people thinking about tree and flower and green forest etc.. but when it come to my mine nature is like the dangerous things like tsunami earthquake tornado and volcanic eruption. Nature is also beautiful like flowers, tree animals and others. And can be valuable like diamond, ruby or other mineral, and last but not least nature is also useful like cement, rock, water etc.

And then we learn more about outdoor leadership and we do some debate about wilderness and we do the Outdoor Leadership promise and in the promise there are four of them Encouragement, Problem Solving, Respect, Determination and ………… and then we learn how to building the tent .

After that we have a pre trip to Kirirom National Park for one night and two day. One the first day when we go there we did 4 Km hiking two the waterfall and we ate lunch at that waterfall. Luckily when I go to that waterfall I saw three Gibbon and it is my first time seeing that animal . Then we build the tent near the lake we cook pasta but the  gas stove doesn’t work so we decide to cook it by the campfire. However we saw other stove near the lake so we borrow it to cook it’s was about seven and half hour that we get to eat dinner with the delicious pasta. At about eight o’clock we have marshmallow with cracker and chocolate it was really yummy we sing song together and dance playing game together . then we go to bed at about ten o’clock we go to sleep.

In the morning when we wake up we are very cool because of rain. After it stop the raining we play the Ninja game and we have breakfast . at about eight thirty we been to the other waterfall called Otresek the water is very strong when it flow down and it is very cold colder than the weather that we face in the morning. We’ve been there about 1 hour then we get on the bus ready to come back to school.

During the day that we come back to school we have learn some of things about CPR(Chest compression) and some of the medical Simulation also we have and risk management. One of my favorite in the medical Simulation is that I get to acting like I am a victim that I got really bad injury in the wood.

After we learn all of these things we also been on a big trip to Mondulkiri. We leave in the morning and we arrive in the afternoon at about nearly the evening. Then we set the camp in RDI headquarter .  We also eat dinner and then we talking sitting and talking to each . At about 9 o’clock and we wake up at 6:30. We eat breakfast and then we went hiking to the waterfall called Lengtruk. We start from 9 o’clock  and then we arrive there at about 11 o’clock with the indigenous tour guide we arrive there and we cook our lunch . The food for our lunch is grill fish and grill pork with indigenous traditional food called “ BOK”. we comeback to our camp and we did some campfire talking to each other and go to sleep. On the third day we have been to another waterfall called “ Orange” and we have a 12 km hiking to that place. We eat lunch there we did some activity like Medical simulation and building an emergency shelter. We spend almost the whole day in that place. Then the next day we comeback to our school.

At last but not least I want to say to everyone who read this paragraph that going outdoor and observe the nature is really fun adventurous risky and you can learn and capture a lot of beautiful things about nature in your mine.

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