Math Round 2

I have learn about the 5 mathematics book that also use in Singapore that I was just finish that book and during the time that we learn in that book we learn a lot about geometry and ratio I also have one problem that is really hard for me to do that and that problem is:

The whole weight of Michael,  Ellie and Ashley are 243 Ib. Michael is 30 Ib heavier than Ellie. And Ellie is 6 Ib lighter than Ashley. Find the weight of Ashley.

When I first look at that word problem I feel like it is very hard but when we list it down it go like this.

Ellie+Michael+Ashley = 243 Ib

Ellie+30                      = Michael

Ellie+6                        = Ashley

So that mean Ellie +30 +Ellie +6 + Ellie = 243 Ib

                     3 Ellie +36             = 243

                     3 Ellie                =243 – 36

                     3 Ellie                = 207

                     Ellie                 = 207/3

                    Ellie                             = 69


If Ashley equal Ellie + 6


So that mean Ashley = 69 +6

                                 = 75

And Finally Ashley    = 75 Ib


     I am very excited for the news book that I will learn but I am also ready for the challenge in the book also.


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