Multimedia and Technology Round 4

        This round we mainly focus on Python programming and the lesson that we learned this round is Function, List and Dictionary. For the List and Dictionary is quite similar  but they are not the same . The difference is that Dictionary don’t tell the index and it use this sign to function({ }) and for the list the robot can defined the index of it but it and it use this sign to function ([ ]). About the function is that we learn how to make the function is that we just put

def + name of the function + ()

and then we put what we want to the function to do. After we learn about that we also did some activity in the code club that the teacher introduce us to use and here are some screen shot of my code club activity. 

this project is basically we trying to type the code and then it will print the secret code for us.

and this project is basically we give the name of the list of the person or thing we put in the list and they are trying to choose the team and the member of the team for us.

and for this want it is called the rock paper scissor game which we have player and the computer and it is the same as rock paper and scissor game.

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