English Literacy Round 4

            During this round, our theme is Happiness we have read poems and articles about happiness and our main question is Can money buy happiness? Some articles talking about money and happiness some says, money can not buy happiness, some say money can actually buy happiness if you spend it in the right way like giving it to homeless people. We read some poem as I mentioned earlier.  The poem was mostly about happiness also like I wander lonely as a cloud, and Storm. Those are a great poem but it’s a little bit hard for me as an English learner and these poems were written a long time ago so it has some classic word that I might not understand.  Anyway, we were asked to write an essay about how to essay.  and here is my essay. I hoped you enjoy it.

How to be happy when you are lonely


Have you ever feel that you are happy? Or Have you ever feel that you are happy while you are lonely? Happiness is like a magical thing that we as human have. Human is not always happy and sometimes they feel sad or angry or even they feel lonely. I am the person who experiences a lot of loneliness and what I found out is that when I am lonely I am happier. Some people also have that feeling while some people think that being lonely is being sorted of sad and angry. If you want to be happy when you are lonely then this is the right place for you.

  1. List your hobbies. After you list, your hobbies do your hobbies. This is actually what I always do when I was lonely. According to Glamour Magazine published in 23   2010 by Sarah Jio a Glamour Magazine editor state that “Hobbies can boost your health and Happiness”. Doing your hobby can make you happy. And it is the way that can express who you are. When you are doing things that you want to do like your hobby. It can actually make you happy. You should start doing your hobbies now before it too late.
  2. Reading is another way of making you happy. Some people love reading different genre and what you should do is that you should start finding what kind of genre you like and making you happy. Did you know that reading making your knowledge better with writing and vocabulary? You should try to read at least 1 hours a day.
  3. Think of a happy scenario in your life. It makes a scene that sometimes you just think of a happy moment and you just laugh or you feel enjoying it. Do you know that when you think of that sometimes you just laugh without realizing it? When people ask you. you would be like “I don’t know. I just find it funny.
  4. Listen to music is also a good way to be happy. Again it’s like reading you need to pick a genre for your self. Music plays a major part in your emotion. so be careful with the music that can actually affect your emotion into sad or scary.

These are the things that you should do when you are lonely. And there’re many more things that you can do but all of these things that you could do when you’re lonely.

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