Human of Cambodia (HoC)

    A project that was inspired by the Human of New York.  I was one of the other students who joined this project. It’s called The Human of Cambodia.  We go around and interview people to ask them about a piece of their life story. To let people understand the different perspective of different people. We want to get all the people together we want to tell them that we are the same we live in the same world. We want to end discrimination. Some people are old, some are young, some was poor some was rich, some were in another community where not a lot of people like them. Some was living in a horrible life. Some was living under the heated of the sun. And what they want is the same things. Happiness, Harmony, Money, Love and a better world. Where there is no discrimination, where there are people who show empathy.  This is Human of Cambodia. we also created a blog for the story of people. if you want to check out click here.

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