Multimedia and Technology Round 5

I was assigned to work independently on something that you want to learn or something that you want to improve. I was working on Adobe After Effect cc which was my first time doing it. I mainly focus on transitions to the picture but it’s really challenging for me to do all of these things because it’s my first time. I was looking at the video on youtube of how they were doing transition on Instagram. It was really really really cool, so I think in my mind why don’t I try to do it too. One more thing that takes my interest in this learning course is because I want to try something new since I haven’t touched a lot of technology software, so I thought why don’t I make this as my challenge. For the first time, I try to search up for the internet on the basic tutorial on how to use Adobe After Effect cc. It took me so bad to learn since they have a lot of different type of computer so I try to search and search and search but it doesn’t work out for my computer. The program was different, the way they function is different. So I decided to ask someone who is experienced with it. I finally found someone who I asked, she’s one of my friends, Mariya. She helped me with the basics of how to do the transitions. It’s very thankful for her to help and if without her I would go and stress out. Throughout the process of learning, I really like them even though it’s a little hard to find the source to learn the tutorial but it goes really smooth sometimes I learn it my self and sometimes I ask my friend to help me. Throughout the learning process, I’ve had learned a lot of things. About the transition like scale, position, anchor point, rotation and subtitle and other basic things that you need to know before you make a video in transition after effect.

here the video 

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