Community Traveling Theater

Community Traveling Theater is one of my favorite exploration that I ever been participate on. The project is mainly focus on performance in the rural area around Cambodia. Where we do educational plays, magic trick, dancing and singing.  I was one of the setup team and I set up the theater and prepare things for the performer.  and I am also a part of communicator which we contact the place in the area that we are planning to go.  We been to to provinces which is Takeo and Kam Pot province.  We also did something like a filming movie night for the kids in school too.

My first day when we go to Takeo , we perform the show for the kids in the Primary school it wasn’t that successful actually but we did it. When we perform the kids are just kind of distracted and not paying attention and they make noise. So we just think of where will we go for the next trip to Kam Pot and think that the High schools student might be interested in that and they are kind of more mature to pay attention to the performer better. and it did work out that we . The plays is cools, the singing is cool, the magic is super super super cooler then I thought it would be. 

and overall it was a very good experience.

Here are some picture that we take during the trip