Electricity in Cambodia


It is my privilege to be in this exploration. I have learned a lot about how electricity is generated. I have been studying and researching a lot and put a lot of effort into making an article. The teacher has been assigning me to do the Windpower section and I was writing about the future of the Wind Power in Cambodia, I was disappointed because I didn’t try my best to do my work. However, the teacher said ok, then I move to write another article about the Importation of Electricity in Cambodia. I am so proud of my work through the improvement of my writing with my teammate and I say to my self, You have tried your best. Throughout writing about the article, I feel so sad to my country, even though I try my best to do my work but when I do the research  I saw that the development of Cambodia is not fast enough to reach as equal as the neighbouring country like Vietnam, Thailand, Laos. after the Khmer Rouge, these 40 years, we still didn’t get recover and produce enough of our electricity, perhaps it’s because of the fate that the country has to face this challenge. So far we import about 15% of electricity from the neighbouring country (Laos, Vietnam, Thailand etc).  Even though the country is not recovering yet, but I’m still feeling good about my country as this small nation will improve the electricity to the cleaner one such as renewable energy. However, In the future, I hope that Cambodia will be able to produce enough electricity for the whole country.

Importation of electricity in Cambodia