HICC 2017 to 2018

How I Changed Cambodia


Changing Cambodia is really hard for me. If you go through the time periods of Cambodia you will see many wars. It has never been developed to be a very good country for a long time. Right now Cambodia is a developing country. Poverty, trash, and bad environment happened a lot in Cambodia. Throughout this year I have participated in a lot of programs and activities but the main thing that I have done to help Cambodia is attending the Khmer Sight Program, making compost and reducing plastic, and making a geography book.

Khmer Sight Foundation

This was my first time participating in Khmer sight foundation of helping people who have problems with their eyes. I was one of the six students who joined that trip. I was very nervous when I met and talked with them but when I met them I was confident and brave. I was the one who tested the eyes of people and I also walked people who have eye problem to meet the doctor. This program is very good. It can help poor people in the rural area and it makes the community better in a very good way. In the future, if there is an organization like this I will volunteer it again.


Making Compost

This is also my first time making compost, it was very hard to make. The goal of making this is for reducing the waste in the kitchen, it is also good for growing plant. I hope that I will inspire a lot of Khmer people who are using the fertilizer to use compost instead. And I also want people to reduce waste in the kitchen at Liger. If all Cambodian do it I think in Phnom Penh will reducing more trash than now a day.


Making Geography book


Making a book is one of the hardest things to do in my whole life. We need a lot of hard work and determination. We need to check the grammar, check the source, the vocabulary, and more. In my opinion, this is the first Cambodian Geography book of its kind. I research about Stung Treng province and it was really hard for me. Because it’s the province that I have no idea of where this province is but I got it done. I hope people will be inspired by this book and I want more writers in Cambodia to start writing a book like this one. Also, this will be one of the good sources of government student who learn about Cambodia.