Math Round 5

 Math this round we focus on the rates and a little introduction of the pre-algebra.  One of the most challenging parts of this round is to solve a problem in the rate problem. I want to share this with you so that if you have any problem with it this strategy can help you. so that problem is some things like this It takes 15 minutes for 5 people to pain 3 wall. How long will it takes for 5 people to paint 5 walls? It’s just driving me so crazy just to solve this problem. However, I did it. Anyway, let’s get started.  the first step you need to find is you want to find if you need to know how much does it need for 5 people to paint 1 wall. The way you need to do is take 15 divided by 3 so it 5. That means it takes 5 minutes for 5 people to paint 1 wall. and then you want to find how much does it take for 1 people to paint 1 wall. which you take. 5 times 5 which equal 25. then we know that it takes 25 minutes for 1 people to paint 1 wall. then you need to find how long does it takes for 1 people to paint 5 walls. so we take 25 times 5 which equates to 125 . after that we want to find 5 people to paint 5 walls which we take 125 and divided by 5 which make the value back to 25 minutes. The answer is it takes 25 minutes for 5 people to paint 5 walls. 

Sees follow step by step and you will find the answer.


Mathematics Round 3

This round we got new book that is called 5b Singaporean math book and we started with the first unit which is called the decimal. We learn how to do the operation of decimal. We also doing a lot of team activity too. We doing some Khan and some of Binary. We play game in studio code and  on Thursday 7 Feb 2019 we will have the celebration of knowledge which basically called quiz for the lesson.

Math Round 2

I have learn about the 5 mathematics book that also use in Singapore that I was just finish that book and during the time that we learn in that book we learn a lot about geometry and ratio I also have one problem that is really hard for me to do that and that problem is:

The whole weight of Michael,  Ellie and Ashley are 243 Ib. Michael is 30 Ib heavier than Ellie. And Ellie is 6 Ib lighter than Ashley. Find the weight of Ashley.

When I first look at that word problem I feel like it is very hard but when we list it down it go like this.

Ellie+Michael+Ashley = 243 Ib

Ellie+30                      = Michael

Ellie+6                        = Ashley

So that mean Ellie +30 +Ellie +6 + Ellie = 243 Ib

                     3 Ellie +36             = 243

                     3 Ellie                =243 – 36

                     3 Ellie                = 207

                     Ellie                 = 207/3

                    Ellie                             = 69


If Ashley equal Ellie + 6


So that mean Ashley = 69 +6

                                 = 75

And Finally Ashley    = 75 Ib


     I am very excited for the news book that I will learn but I am also ready for the challenge in the book also.


Math Round 1

When it come to my mine I always want to study math so much and also this class is my favorite as you know that . right now we are learning about fraction and some pre algebra and one thing I like the most in this class is there is only one rule and this rule contain a lot of rule in it. It is called Make the most of your learning. And you should find out yourself what it mean.