Ennglish Literacy round 2

In this round we are working really hard with Argumentative Essay and I came up with one of the topic I always want to write about is Women right to education. and this is how it go.

Women Should get the Right to Education

History have changed a lot  over time but the education may not change a lot with the women . they often get less opportunity to study  and they often stay in the house and don’t really go and see the outside world really much. Even though throughout history women weren’t given equal rights to education, today women should receive the same right to education as men because some women are smarter than men, some of the women leader also bring a really big peace to the world , and women also play such a very important role in education to the world.

Throughout this day the gender stereotype still have and women often get less opportunity than men even about intelligent. Most people think that man is smarter than women but it is not true as it have said. A Forbes magazine article entitled, “Gender Study: Boys Think They Are Smarter, But Girls Work Harder And Perform Better”, written by Paolo Gaudiano and Ellen Hunt addresses the case for girls in education:“Girls are much more aware of their true strengths and potential, and they realize that working hard and being nice are more valuable traits than simply being “smart” and more closely linked to success” even if most people think that man is smart but at least women perform better at school. Although American Psychological Association(APA)  also state that women perform a very high grade when it comes to education in school.

According to The United Nation Educational, Scientific and Cultural organization UNESCO “93.70 % of women are pre primary education teacher. 65.73 % of female are teacher in Primary Education. 53.58% of the teacher in secondary education are female and 41.96 of the tertiary education teacher are women” . The overall of women who is tea

Khmer Round 2

Khmer class is that class that teach me about my own identity and my own language and I have learn a lot actually I learn about the history of the water festival and the celebration about Kathina festival which is a buddhist celebration. If you want more information about this I click here to know more information  the kathina history and click here to find more information about the water festival.

Math Round 2

I have learn about the 5 mathematics book that also use in Singapore that I was just finish that book and during the time that we learn in that book we learn a lot about geometry and ratio I also have one problem that is really hard for me to do that and that problem is:

The whole weight of Michael,  Ellie and Ashley are 243 Ib. Michael is 30 Ib heavier than Ellie. And Ellie is 6 Ib lighter than Ashley. Find the weight of Ashley.

When I first look at that word problem I feel like it is very hard but when we list it down it go like this.

Ellie+Michael+Ashley = 243 Ib

Ellie+30                      = Michael

Ellie+6                        = Ashley

So that mean Ellie +30 +Ellie +6 + Ellie = 243 Ib

                     3 Ellie +36             = 243

                     3 Ellie                =243 – 36

                     3 Ellie                = 207

                     Ellie                 = 207/3

                    Ellie                             = 69


If Ashley equal Ellie + 6


So that mean Ashley = 69 +6

                                 = 75

And Finally Ashley    = 75 Ib


     I am very excited for the news book that I will learn but I am also ready for the challenge in the book also.


Multimedia and Technology Round 2

This is my second round learning in Multimedia and Technology class. In the first week I learned about the Digital story. We learn the pixar story structure which is Once upon a time  and then every day and then one day and then because of that and than because of that until finally. And I created a story out of this structure and the story tell like this

Once upon a time there was a beautiful Palace in the middle of the wood. In that forest there are a lot of rich people. The Palace is made of gold and it is so big as big as 5 time of Angkor Wat(Siem Reap , Cambodia) . people who live in that place are very friendly, smart and helpful but that place a very quiet and people can’t get out of the palace . Millionaire and billionaire and trillionaire wonder about that and the only person who know the reason behind that is the royal family in that palace.

In the past 10 years that palace used to be a very big city and a lot of people live there approximately 10 million people. But after all until this year that palace start to be smaller and smaller and the big city start to be smaller and smaller and the people start to be less and less which all of them don’t know where are the other people the place that used to have 10 million right now have only about 6000 people the place that used to be a very big city with 5000 km² right now have only 50 km². and  they don’t know why the people who live near the border gone people who want to get out of the wall of the palace gone almost everything gone . Everyday people just go farming and they the farm produce gold that they can even eat and make the food out of it . they belief that gold can help them a lot . but one day when they farm the gold the gold stop growing anymore they don’t really know why people start to get hungrier and hungrier the baby and the kids started to die. Even the old people to die. The mother of the king die.

Because of that the king decided to solved the curse.

One thing that I am not telling you already is that the cursed was given by the cruel witch and that witch fought with the king to rule the city but  the king win and killed the witch before the witch die she give the cursed that say” People will die the place will get smaller and she say if you want to solved the cursed you need to killed yourself or else everyone will die and the city will lost forever. Because of that his relative against him and don’t want him to die. And then he tells the whole story to his family. Because of that the whole family really and really and really against more. Until finally he killed himself by don’t breathe. But because of that the city started to be bright and shiny. Everything are back to be the same . the don’t die but instead he married with the witch who want to rule the city and everything is harmony.

Not just learning about writing story the main things is that we also have learn about the basic photography skill and videography skills like what kind of shot what kind of basics photo for us to take what kind of things we need to learn to take a good video or picture somethings like that.


STEM Round 1

STEM stand for Science, Technology, Engineer and Math but in this Essential is basically learning  in Physical Science and this is a really good to have in the school and also we study and do experience and also research a lot in this Essential and this is one of my and my team research about Atomic force and also quark.





Multimedia and Technology Round 1

Technology and Multimedia Round 1
Technology y and Multimedia is one of the thing that I am not good at especially Coding. but for this
round I learn something news that interest me to the world of Technology . At the first week we learn how to
have a good research and also we learn some information of programming and also Algorithm(more specifically
Divide and conquer) My teacher say that is one part of learning coding but for this round we are not yet go deep
into learning the coding language yet. One more thing that I’m not yet mention is that we learn some of
some of the browsers in Adobe Creative Cloud . We only learn four of them they are In Design, Light room
Classic CC, Light room CC and Photoshop. Here is the PDF that I have made with the two browser from In Design
and Photoshop.

Khmer Literacy


This class is only class that I can speak Khmer and the class that I know my own Identity and this class is also a good class we study some of Etymology from Khmer hard word and what I find out is that Khmer language have most of the rude word for Sanskrit . we also learn Khmer poem and this is a poem that I’ve made


កើត ចាស់ ឈឺ ស្លាប់


បើយើងកើតមក     ​​​ យើងត្រូវលៃលក            ជីវិតឲ្យល្អ

ឲ្យគេស្រលាញ់               ទុកដូចជាស្ក                 យើងនិងបរវរ


  វាលវដ្តសង្សា                 រស់នៅក្ដីណា                  ត្រុវចាំកុំខាន

កើតចាស់ឈឺស្លាប់     គឺជាសមិនបាន ​​​​​​​         បើចង់ក្សេមក្សាន្


បើកើតមកហើយ        កុំនៅកន្ទើយ            ទោះជាដូចម្ដេច

ត្រូវធ្វើរឿងល្អ               សូមចាំកុំភ្លេច             គួរតែសម្រេច

                                     ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​   ធ្វើរឿងបរិសុទ្ធ។

ពេលយើងចាស់ទៅ     ជិវិតគង់ត្រូវ​                ​នឹងរលត់ផុត

 គួរកាន់សីលទាន      ខ្ជាប់ខ្ចួនមិនស្រុត       មុនរលត់ផុុត


បើសិនចាស់ហើយ     មិនលើេកលែងឡើយ  នឹងឈឺគ្រប់គ្នា

គួរធ្វើបុណ្យទាន        រៀនធម៌ភាវានា ​           ​ ធ្វើជាមាគា


ឈឺហើយគង់ស្លាប់    យើងគួរប្រញាប់            ធ្វើរឿងល្អល្អ

បើសិនធ្វើវា              បុណ្យនឹងកើនករ ​​​​​​​​         យើងនឹងបរវរ


Math Round 1

When it come to my mine I always want to study math so much and also this class is my favorite as you know that . right now we are learning about fraction and some pre algebra and one thing I like the most in this class is there is only one rule and this rule contain a lot of rule in it. It is called Make the most of your learning. And you should find out yourself what it mean.