STEM Round 4

 This round we started with a little introduction about physics. We learn about motion velocity, Force, friction and gravity. It is really fun learning physics since it is one of my favorite essential. We did some activity and since the start of the round we learn the lesson about Acid and base which basically talking about the different between acid and base. we did an experiment about the Acid and base. To test that we came up with seven item to test about their acid and what color will it change.

and here is the step and the result that we do on the experiment.

 Acid and Base test

Students will put into three groups for this experiment.




Red carbage solution as an indicator


  1. Lemon juice
  2. Vinegar
  3. Sprite
  4. Water
  5. Toothpaste and water solution
  6. Baking soda and water solution
  7. Bleach.

Step 1

Add 20 ml of each solution to a each cup

Step 2

Pour indicator solution to each solution cup

( Take note of the color change in every cups )

Step 3  Acid vs Base

  • Take Lemon juice cup ( already mixed with indicator) and Pour it in the bleach cup ( Take note of the reaction )
  • Take baking soda and water solution and pour it in the vinegar   ( Take note of the reaction )
  • Take Sprite and pour slowly into the toothpaste solution ( take note of the reaction )


bleach: the color is not change

Lemon: Red kind of pink

Tooth: lighter

water: purple

sprite: pink

vinegar: pink

baking soda: green+belu

Bleach+lemon: it still has the bleach color and then it turns to milk color. (hot)

Water+baking+vine: purple

baking+vine: purple

Tooth+prite= bright and milky pink

In the experiment is that the water solution with the toothpaste change alittle bit to light greenish but the color change just very little becuase since the water toothpast solution is sort of green. the bleech doesn’t change any the color . lemon is red kind of pink and the water itself is light purple. for the sprite it kind of pink and vinigar is sort of pink too but is it darker then sprite. after that we mixed baking soda solution is green bluish. when bleech mixed with lemon it is become so milky and it is also hot. and the baking soda with vinegar its become purple and when toothpaste with sprite it’s become milky pink. and when the water with baking soda and with vinegar it is still purple.


STEM Round 1

STEM stand for Science, Technology, Engineer and Math but in this Essential is basically learning  in Physical Science and this is a really good to have in the school and also we study and do experience and also research a lot in this Essential and this is one of my and my team research about Atomic force and also quark.