Multimedia and Technology Round 1

Technology and Multimedia Round 1
Technology y and Multimedia is one of the thing that I am not good at especially Coding. but for this
round I learn something news that interest me to the world of Technology . At the first week we learn how to
have a good research and also we learn some information of programming and also Algorithm(more specifically
Divide and conquer) My teacher say that is one part of learning coding but for this round we are not yet go deep
into learning the coding language yet. One more thing that I’m not yet mention is that we learn some of
some of the browsers in Adobe Creative Cloud . We only learn four of them they are In Design, Light room
Classic CC, Light room CC and Photoshop. Here is the PDF that I have made with the two browser from In Design
and Photoshop.

Khmer Literacy


This class is only class that I can speak Khmer and the class that I know my own Identity and this class is also a good class we study some of Etymology from Khmer hard word and what I find out is that Khmer language have most of the rude word for Sanskrit . we also learn Khmer poem and this is a poem that I’ve made


កើត ចាស់ ឈឺ ស្លាប់


បើយើងកើតមក     ​​​ យើងត្រូវលៃលក            ជីវិតឲ្យល្អ

ឲ្យគេស្រលាញ់               ទុកដូចជាស្ក                 យើងនិងបរវរ


  វាលវដ្តសង្សា                 រស់នៅក្ដីណា                  ត្រុវចាំកុំខាន

កើតចាស់ឈឺស្លាប់     គឺជាសមិនបាន ​​​​​​​         បើចង់ក្សេមក្សាន្


បើកើតមកហើយ        កុំនៅកន្ទើយ            ទោះជាដូចម្ដេច

ត្រូវធ្វើរឿងល្អ               សូមចាំកុំភ្លេច             គួរតែសម្រេច

                                     ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​   ធ្វើរឿងបរិសុទ្ធ។

ពេលយើងចាស់ទៅ     ជិវិតគង់ត្រូវ​                ​នឹងរលត់ផុត

 គួរកាន់សីលទាន      ខ្ជាប់ខ្ចួនមិនស្រុត       មុនរលត់ផុុត


បើសិនចាស់ហើយ     មិនលើេកលែងឡើយ  នឹងឈឺគ្រប់គ្នា

គួរធ្វើបុណ្យទាន        រៀនធម៌ភាវានា ​           ​ ធ្វើជាមាគា


ឈឺហើយគង់ស្លាប់    យើងគួរប្រញាប់            ធ្វើរឿងល្អល្អ

បើសិនធ្វើវា              បុណ្យនឹងកើនករ ​​​​​​​​         យើងនឹងបរវរ


Math Round 1

When it come to my mine I always want to study math so much and also this class is my favorite as you know that . right now we are learning about fraction and some pre algebra and one thing I like the most in this class is there is only one rule and this rule contain a lot of rule in it. It is called Make the most of your learning. And you should find out yourself what it mean.